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Occasional Member - Level 1

Travel by Ferry



I know this wont apply to 90% of users here, but I was wondering if I can use a ferry to travel to the UK from Ireland.

I am not comfortable travelling on an airplane at the moment. 

There is no option for a ferry on SAP Concur (Probably for obvious reasons).

Thank you in advance.

Frequent Member - Level 1

This is your own company's restriction in Concur. "Ferry" is an option to add to Concur, so perhaps all this would be would be requesting to add this expense type or they could advise you to choose another type for this instance. I'm sure safety must be top of minds for most people that need to travel. I would suggest reaching out to your Concur Administrator (if you aren't sure who that is, it may be listed under 'Company Notes' on the Concur homepage, or you can reach out to your supervisor, finance, or IT to find out who to contact in your company for Concur Assistance).

Be safe,

Travel and Expense System Administrator