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Travel Profile manual changes causing syncing issues with TMC

Hello Everyone


We have been live with Concur Travel for years through our TMC, CWT.   We just went live and integrated with Concur Expense a  year ago.

Before we went live with expense there was always profile syncing issues back and forth between Concur and CWT but it only impacted a small number of travellers and went under the radar.

Now there is more visability to these issues, because users are getting frustrated that their reservations etc, aren't pulling from their Trip Library into Expenses amoungst other challenges.


We used to do an HR feed directly to the TMC, CWT.  When we live with Expense Concur recommended we switch over to sending a 350 record to Concur and dual syncing back to/from the TWC.

We now have been running into issues where the nightly 350 file isn't updating a person's travel profile.   Concur has advised us this is due to manual changes being made on the user's profile, either from the travel agent perspective and/or the employee perspective.  


This doesn't seem right to me, A user should be able to go into their concur profile and add TSA numbers, phone numbers, addresses, emergency contacts etc, without it impacting the syncing.  The travel agents sometimes make manual changes to a user's profile because a change wasn't completed yet in our HR system and the user needs to book travel.   I don't understand why manual changes like this would cause the syncing to/from the TMC to stop working?  Concur tells me we have to continuously ask them to run a database hashing process to allow the syncing to flow properly again.

Does anyone else have this issue?  What did you do about it?


Thank you



Community Manager
Community Manager

@grahk1 I recommend posting this in the Admin Group. That group is only site admins and those who may have come across this issue. This forum tends to be read more by end users. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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