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SAP Concur, Former Employee

Travel Metrics

What are the main business travel metrics that are important to the decision makers within your organization besides spend? Is it statistics on the number of days fares are booked in advance of travel? The percentage of online v offline bookings made with your Travel Management Company? - or - Compliance with selecting the lowest practical fare in a chosen booking window? Or are there are other key travel indicators that help drive improved travel behavior and cost savings within your organization?

This question comes from our LinkedIn group.

Routine Member - Level 3

Thanks Meggie for putting this question out there! I would love to hear from users on this topic. Obviously we monitor online v offline bookings because it can impact your TMC fees. Also I constantly chant the mantra book early so staff can take advantage of negotiated lower fares for flights. Nothing like seeing the difference in price of a Charlie business class fare versus a Juliet fare to make senior management sit up and take notice - particularly on the long hauls!
Richard Grigg
Assistant Director, Business Services
Australian Bureau of Statistics
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Hi Meggie,

We are in implementation process and will start testing next week. Although coming back from Fusion I’m really excited thinking about ideas to reward or create incentives for increasing adoption to our new T&E program. I’m still exploring but if we can get more users to use the booking tool/TMC this will increase more expenses on corporate card which increase our card rebate. I’d love to see their Concur mobile app offer a user status program(super user, master user, etc) Many airlines have membership status and members love sharing/showing off their status (i.e wing pins). I’m also in the beginning stages of looking at rebate type incentives to get travelers to book more in advance which will invite users to use TMC/Booking. Really stepping back and looking at all possibles (stretching ideas out of the box)that would get travelers excited about the ease and streamlined process Concur products give.
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I think it's important to have benchmark data. You have no idea how you're doing unless you compare with the past or compared to your peers. At our company it's how is this traveler doing compared to his peers or how is this cost center doing compared to its peers or how is thie division doing compared to its peers.When I say peers I mean the rest of our company. I think that's important. Just a thought.