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TSA Precheck- Add to existing ticket

I have a TSA Precheck number from 2020  that I just added to my profile, but had a flight already booked and ticketed. Will the TSA Precheck automatically show up on that ticket, or is it too late since flight was already ticketed without having the number in Concur?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@EKraynak likely it won't be added. However, if you add your pre-check number to your airline profile, there is a chance it will get added when you check in for your flight. If your precheck number was already added to your airline profile, then it should show up on the booking regardless of not yet having it on your SAP Concur profile.


Also, to better ensure you get precheck, your TSA Precheck number should be added to your airline profiles directly.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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