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Ryanair booking


Is Concur excluding Ryanair from booking?



Community Manager
Community Manager

@Piotrnarozny hello there. Just to clarify...Concur doesn't do the excluding. Each company configures their version of Concur Travel and sometimes the way the site is configured does exclude certain vendors. It's a choice made by each of our customers. 🙂


Also, when entering flight search criteria, some people don't enter a large enough search window time frame, so it appears an airline is excluded, but in reality there just aren't flights during the window of time specified by the traveler.


I would contact your company's travel administrator or the travel agency your company uses if you aren't seeing Ryaniar, but believe you should be.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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I got my company travel agency replay that it is Ryan air themself limiting access through 3rd parties, can anyone confirm?