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Reservations with a credit card close to expiration date.

Hello.  I need to make travel arrangements for January soon, however my CCard expires in Dec.  I'd like to work ahead, but my reservations will be MADE with airlines and hotels with the old card and I'll have to travel with the new card in Jan.  What is the best method to keep from getting "stopped at check in" because my card number changed?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@sheerbot are you sure card number will change or will just the expiration date change for the card? Often, when you get a new card, the number is the same, but the expiration date changes.

Also, you are only making a reservation with the card that will expire. The card is still valid, so the reservation won't be affected. When you are checking in, just present the new card. Shouldn't be an issue. I have often reserved a hotel with one card, but then provided a different card at check in.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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