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Rental car accident policy

Hello all, I am in the process of creating our T&E policy and I wanted to get some input on best practices regarding what an employee should do if involved in an accident in a rental car while on company business. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Our T&E card has travel insurance and they provide a number to contact for this issue. In another company I worked for, we put in the policy what insurance we required them to use when booking a rental car. If your company is large enough to have a preferred rental car provider, many times they will build your company's insurance into the contract --> then, you would advise travelers only to use that rental car provider and decline extra insurance. 

Travel and Expense System Administrator
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Thanks for the info, Jessica. As far as I know, if you've rented a car for business purposes and got into an accident, the car rental company may be liable. Actually, you made me remember how I got into a rental car accident about 2 years ago (I rented it for personal use). Tbh, I can't really remember the details of my issue. All I remember is that got me compensation. Oh, I also remember my car insurance extended to my rental car because I was using it for personal use. Anyway, Jessica, thanks for your help.