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Rental Car as Business courtesy - How to Book

We have a guest visiting our site that is requiring rental car for transportation. They are doing a presentation for us here. I have received pre-approval but how am I to book the rental for this individual when Concur travel auto defaults to the employee covering the expense? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@ABustamante1 you would have to have the Guest booking option turned on for your site. Check with your company's travel administrator that handles SAP Concur questions and issues. When you log into SAP Concur, check the Company Notes section to see if there is a name/phone number or email address to contact the person in charge of your SAP Concur site admin duties. 


This will allow you to book for someone else. If you anticipate doing guest bookings quite often, this is a good option. If booking for someone else is more of a one-off or very seldom, you may want to consider coming up with an alternative to get the car rental or whatever is being booked for someone else paid. Maybe the guest pays for it out of their pocket, but provides your company with the receipts and you reimbursement them by company check. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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"provides your company with the receipts and you reimbursement them" is a good option. In fact, many of our travelers are non-employees and for some of those we have processes established with delegates and arrangers to handle everything for them in Concur.

Another option to consider, on rare occasions, we have direct-billed the rental car to our Accounts Payable Team.