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Proxy Access role

Our insitiution uses proxy access to assist employees with request, booking and expense issues. Only a selected group has this access. We have provided the group with the exception of one person with global access. 


I would like to know how many of you are using the proxy access role and how many assigned users do you have in your company? Are you using global access? or do you provide access based on groups?


Thanks in advance

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Only our Accounting Staff has Global Proxy.  Individual users may assign a Travel Arranger or Expense Delegate within their own profile.

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In addition to our proxy access, we also allow our users to designate delegates and travel arrangers. So the general population does not have the proxy access, they can only assist by being a delegate/travel arranger. 

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We do.  The access is contained within my team (5 team members) who have sole responsibility for our card, travel and expense programs and processes globally.  We support around 20K associates in 30+ countries.

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thanks for the feedback. We also have a very small group with this access. With the exception of our AP group who can utilize the access to identify budget transactions as needed, the rest of our group uses the access to assist users with issues they cannot resolve on their own. 

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Our Travel and Expense Team has global proxy access and we allow the end user to assign Expense Delegates and/or Travel Arrangers.

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How many people do you have in your Travel team?

Community Manager
Community Manager

In my experience working with our customers, the Proxy access is given to a small number of people. 


I like to use the old adage, "too many cooks in the kitchen". 


Best practice is to use the Travel Arranger/Expense Delegate options. We tell customers that the Proxy role should be used for Troubleshooting purposes only to see what is going on with the user. Proxy should not be (emphasis on should) used to create reports for others or book travel for others. That is what the Travel Arranger and Delegate options are for. 



Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Thank you for your reply. This is very helpful