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Prices went up a LOT after trying to shop around -- how to fix?

I'm trying to schedule a work-related round-trip flight in Concur Travel.


Initially, it was competitive with Google Flights and AAA Travel (marginally better, not substantially). However, I noticed that the more I browsed itinerary choices the higher the prices got and the longer the flights and overlays got.


  • Just earlier this morning, there were 10+ itinerary options under $900, none of which were more than 8h in either direction.
  • But now, there are just 3 itinerary options under $900, and all of them are 9h+ in at least one direction.

I've tried resetting the search from scratch with no filters, logging out and back in, and even trying an Incognito (Private Browsing) session -- but Concur seems to be holding a "grudge" against me for "window-shopping".


Does anyone know a workaround or way to reset this? This is horrible!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@jedington a common misconception about Concur Travel, is that people think the prices shown for flights are Concur prices and that all the flight options shown are coming from SAP Concur. However, they are not. Concur Travel pulls information published by the airlines from the Global Distribution System (GDS). Concur Travel does not set flight prices. Concur Travel doesn't  buy a bulk of seats and then resell them, like Expedia and other travel booking sites. Concur Travel can only show what the airlines are providing through the GDS. Also, companies set different travel rules where certain booking options are shown/not shown or allowable/not allowable. 


I would recommend calling your company's travel agency to have them see if there are better flight options that meet your travel needs.


Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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