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Personal card charged for Airfare

One of our Admins booked airfare for an employee.  The employee has their corporate card saved in the Concur Profile but the airfare was charged to her personal card.  She has used her personal card before with the airline and has had to book through Concur using her personal card, but it is NOT saved in the profile and the admin does not have access to the card.  I've had instances before of hotels or car rentals using cards on file instead of the card used for the reservation when the individual checked out or returned the vehicle, but this is a first for airfare.  My question is why was the airfare booked to the personal card if the admin used the corporate card on file?  Is there a way to update the charges from the personal card to the corporate card?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@kjramsey There is one question that could help with this...Did the admin book the airfare in Concur Travel acting as the travel arranger for the employee?


If the user only has a corporate card on file in Concur, the only way the personal card could have been used is if the personal card is saved on the employee's travel profile and the employee didn't designate either their corp card or personal card as the default card for Air bookings. If this is the case, during booking, the admin would have been faced with an option to choose a card for the reservation and could have accidentally selected the personal card.


Concur Travel doesn't have an option to enter card information during a booking, so if the employee has used their personal card for booking in Concur Travel, that card must be saved in their profile.


Without seeing what the admin did and seeing the employee's travel profile, it is pretty difficult to know what happened. If you send me a private message with the name of the admin and the name of the employee, I can take a look. To send me a private message, click my username (KevinD) then the Message button.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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So we think we know what happened.  The admin acted as delegate for a user.  She used the card entered by the user, however, he entered the wrong address for the card (this was the first time the card was used to book in Concur).  Previously a personal card was used for travel, but not saved in the profile.  Since the corporate credit card on file for the user had the incorrect address and could not be verified Travel Inc, our travel agent, used the previous card that was used for travel,