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PAR level 2 field in Concur employee profiles

Hi Everyone,


Can I ask what the PAR level trigger or define on Travel Agency side?

I am curious if e.g. an employee moves to another country and for some reason the PAR level field is not synced but shows the old value, what will be the consequence?

The booking will be done under the old country's lodge card? Or the invoice will be issued to the old company details?

Thank you,



Occasional Member - Level 3

Hey Kinga, 

To my knowledge the PAR is the synced value on GDS profile code on TMC side - meaning it is reflecting the profile on TMC side and proofs the sync between Concur and TMC.
Without PAR the booking will fail under correct company and even profile settings, if custom fields are required this is likely missing too. This heavily depends on the TMC settings and your own configuration.
If the PAR is outdated and not cleared, e.g. user log-in details changed on Concur but not corrected on TMC due to duplicate; the TMC profile may stay with old settings (incl. old lodge card), since the sync is broken.

Best is to check with the TMC the respective traveller's profile and check details, if you are suspetcing a broken sync. 

Good luck!

Occasional Member - Level 1

Thank you very much for your help!!!