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PAR/Level 2 STAR field in Travel Profile amending a forward slash when imported

We are loading profiles using 350 through CPI Interface. When the profile is loaded using overnight employee replication batch. PAR/Level 2 STAR field on the Employee Admin -> Employee Profile -> Travel Section is in the format '<Last Name>/<First Name>' for example 'SREEKUMAR/SREEJITH'. It is ammending forward slash. We are not setting GDS Profile Name in 350 and somehow it is automatically setting it.


Expected results should be in the format '<Last Name> <First Name>' for example 'SREEKUMAR SREEJITH'


Not sure what the issue is


whether it is a bug in concur


whether there is a configuration in super admin which does this

Occasional Member - Level 3

Hi Sreejith, 

PAR/Level 2 STAR field is GDS 'Passenger Account Record' (GDS profile). 


When you create a new user profile in Concur, it sync user profile data with GDS (may take few hours) and return with GDS specific PAR value for this profile (Traveler). Basically a Unique Id to link Concur profile/Traveler to GDS. This is one easy way to check if the user profile has correctly sync with GDS system. If you see PAR/Level 2 STAR field as blank, check with your Travel agency to troubleshoot.


You do not control this format nor need to send in any employee import , so don't worry if you see the value as 'SREEKUMAR/SREEJITH'.

Format for PAR will differ with GDS so for more information you should connect with your Travel agency.