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Outlook itineraries populating Calendar for Airfare

The Exec. Admins are receiving itineraries on their folks calendar since the managers are approving travel. How do i shut off this feature while retaining the Managers itineraries in his/her calendar.  Please don't point me in this direction (see below) for outlook as it doesn't have the option to keep the managers itineraries in their calendar. I am just trying to eliminate the managers employees itineraries landing in the managers calendar. 




Community Manager
Community Manager

@phoebep Here is a link to our Calendar setup guide:


Look on page 17. You might find the information helpful.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Our EAs experienced the same thing, and it was a misunderstanding of the Outlook functionality. With the Outlook settings you show above, anytime they opened an email with a flight itinerary, Outlook automatically added it to their calendar. This resulted in flights and hotels for every flight itinerary they approved being added to their own calendar. It drove the managers and EAs nuts! They instead had to turn off the Outlook functionality and instead click on the calendar attachment that was included in our travel agency emails.

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To prevent the executives' employees' itineraries from landing in their managers' calendars while retaining the managers' itineraries, adjusting Outlook settings might not offer a direct solution. However, exploring alternative calendar management tools or specific configurations within Outlook might help achieve this, possibly involving ChatGPT for tailored guidance on managing these specific calendar settings.