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New Member - Level 1

Ordering a Van as rental car not possible?

I need to rent a medium sized van, as I have to carry 12 sets of training equipment along to a customer's site. Each set requires a space of about 0,3 m3, so alltogether abot 4 m3 transport space must be provided.


But all I can find are all kind of sedans, mini vans, station wagons, or mini busses. How must I proceed to get my van in the required size?

I am located at the city of Regensburg / Bavaria.

Occasional Member - Level 2

I have found that it needs to be specifically included in your rental agreement with a specific rental agency, and they can open that vehicle type on their side. But there are Configuration settings I believe that could open those specific vehicle types. It's worth opening a support ticket for it.

Kind Regards;

Stephanie Collins
Global Travel Manager
Occasional Member - Level 2

We have all the rental car sizes in our agreement, but still difficulties appear. Our goal is to have the van size as an option in car search, but Support says not possible. I wonder 😕 In our previous online tool this kind of search was enabled.

Now my TMC's configuration specialist has raised a Support ticket. According to his knowhow on Concur Travel, this van size availablity should be visible by a special Travel rule class. That's not working currently.