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New user Client ID and Client Secret


First of all I am very new to SAP Concur so I am trying to get familier with the process and how it the API works.

I want to get the /travelrequest/requests data for all the "Approved" travel.  So for this when I am trying out the api via the link So when i want to create a new environment there it ask for Client ID and Client Secret. 

So here my question is from where do we get this ID and Secret details? I just created a free trial account today so my understanding is that once we get this logon detials alongwith that we will also get the Client ID and Client Secret, correct?


And I want to call this REST API in the SAP BTP integration suite so I can use this Client ID and Client Secret and get the Access token to access the API.


New Member - Level 1

How do we get the client id and client key in SAP concur