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Lyft Option Greyed Out

Good afternoon, a coworker of mine is trying to connect Lyft to their Concur app, but because Concur is a single-sign-on application for us, they are having trouble doing so from the Lyft app. So instead, they are going into Concur (already logged in), going to the App Center, and clicking on Lyft. But the button to connect is grayed out. It's not grayed out on my account, so do you know why his would not be available?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@A053520 that seems a liltte strange that is grayed out for the one user. Is it possible that they are looking at the Lyft for Business app in the App Center rather than the regular Lyft app option? 


I'm just trying to throw out possibilities as it should be available. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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