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Light Fares - Identify class of service

I'm in the US market and have knowledge of basic economy fares (class of service, branded names, etc) to set up rules to prevent users from booking. I am less familiar with the international carriers class of service used for their version of light fares. How do you manage light fares in markets outside of the US to prevent users from booking?  

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Community Manager

@kimt0611 I would suggest posting this in the User Admin Group. This forum tends to be viewed more by end users and not site admins that would have access to making such rules. 🙂

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Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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thank you @KevinD !

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I have been working with Concur Support for the past 4 months to configure rules to hide basic economy fares.
The first rule they configured was based on brand name = "Basic Economy". It worked for a while but then Basic Economy fare by United Airlines would still show up. The expert assigned on the case suggested it is because of the change in brand name used by UA from Basic Economy to BASIC ECO. He amended the rule to include both brand names: Basic Economy and BASIC ECO.

Old rule was:
Brand name is Basic Economy - Hide Results

New rule is:
Brand name is Basic Economy, BASIC ECO - Hide Results

I am still not convinced if using brand name to block basic economy fare is going to work ever, and was wondering if it is possible to use fare codes instead.

How do you hide basic economy fares at your company?