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Issue with Travel profiles that include a suffix.

We are experiencing issues with our Concur online bookings for travelers who have a suffix in their name.  We currently have the suffix showing in the suffix box in Concur, however, our TMC uses TSPM for profiles and the suffix isn’t showing up in GDS booking when our traveler use the Concur online booking tool to book their reservation.   Our current work around is to move the suffix from the suffix box into the travelers last name field.  However, this is causing additional work for our HR department.  Our Concur 350 file is a global file, so I’ve been handling the issue on a case by case basis because I’m concerned if I update the 350 file for the U.S. it may create issues for my other countries.   We currently do not permit travelers to update their names in their Concur profile as it causes them issues with the supplier apps and services if the names don’t match exactly.  


Is anyone else having this issue?  If so, would you provide  your workaround?  


Thank you,