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Incorrect address on hotel invoices - EMEA related - Definitely DE/CH related

We have a global program with over 40 countries / 40 agencies serving us. Our German office is frequently told that the invoice provided by the hotel shows the WRONG NAME/ADDRESS. They book reservations using both GDS (Amadeus) and HRS integration. HRS has told us that Concur is sending the "global company name" and not the correct german subsidiary name. When we approached Concur about this they said to put in a SS (like that ever does any good). Are other companies having similar issues or is it just us and something wrong in our configuration.

For example:

Our hq/usa/global name is SAS Institute, but the German name is SAS Institute GmbH and in Switzerland it is SAS Institute AG

Our finance team is rejecting the invoice provided by the hotel because it's under "SAS Institute".

Is this a case of our own Finance team being particularly difficult or is this a genuine requirement (for tax purposes or something).
Is there anything can be done to ensure that any Concur reservations sends the German/Swiss name.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@sasrsc I cannot speak to your entire post, but Concur Travel pulls information from the GDS systems, so I don't think the issue is Concur Travel, it is the information contained in the GDS systems. We pull what is provided. 



Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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I understand what you're saying. I've spoken with our TMC and they haven't had this problem with other clients. We trying to reach other DE companies (with global HQ's) to see if they face a similar issue or if it's our Finance department being picky???