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How to add a Corporate Code AIR (R,U) on Location/Org Unit? Is it possible at all?


you are here my last way out for a problem in one of our concur tools. 😥


Following problem:

One of our clients has an Air Contract with LH-Group only for one country, what currently causes problems for us, as the

R,U Code (+ CLID) in the tool is stored for ALL locations in the tool.  But according to the contract the client is NOT allowed to use

the Corporate code in other countries than the home country. Actually we have to manually post-process ALL bookings from the

tool what is a disaster to say at least, because these bookings should technically not be touched. 


Does anyone of you have an idea how to solve this?


Thanks for reading!


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Inoy could you clarify what you mean by the client is not allowed to use the corporate code in other countries than the home country, please? Is the client booking air for employees that live outside the country specified in the contract? If so, why would this client try to book travel for people outside of the country that is designated in the contract? Seems like the client, by doing this, is causing you a lot of extra work.


I'll wait to hear your clarification.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi Kevin, thanks for your reply. This is an international client with fulfillment and Headquarter in Austria but with many other locations within Europe, which can also use the tool and are also managed in Austria, but to which the airline contract does not apply. This does not come from the company itself, but from the airline, which makes the contract available to the AT units only. 


Not only the Corporate Code but also the CLID may be used only for AT entites. We have many companies in AT that also have units in other countries in Europe and where contracts with this airline alliance are just as restricted. I didn't realize it wasn't "normal". But it is, as it is and I would like to find a solution for this dilemma.


I hope I didn't explain this too complicated 😉 


Thank you!