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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

How do you handle employee travel management?

If your travelers book directly with vendors, how are you capturing their itineraries/changes in itineraries?

Occasional Member - Level 3

We have a managed travel program.  

I'm not sure how a company could fill all of their Duty of Care responsibilites if the employees are not booking in a managed program.

We have some a few folks that book outside the program but they are required to enter their information into the system so that we can assist if there is an emergency.



Clay Wilson


Clay Wilson
Occasional Member - Level 1

We use a travel management company. We do not allow direct bookings at all. We may get less than a handful of people a year that book, and ask for forgiveness later.  Users still have to play ball, but TripLink is the answer to aggregating all sources of bookings.

New Member - Level 2

You mention TripLink - is your company currently utilizing?  If yes, can you provide some details about the utilization of TripLink.  Percentage of bookings being made via TripLink - do you see a change in leakage based on the implementation of TripLink?  What controls do you have in place to monitor the bookings being made via TripLink (class of service, etc.)?  And, how do you handle non-refundable ticket tracking?


Super User
Super User

Your company needs to increase the online adoption for booking travel.  Achieving this goal is a  slow and painful project you need to chart with recurring announcements via email, direct communication with the traveler, policy compliance, and management support.   It is recommended to bring together your Manager, HR, and your company safety departments for input and compliance.


There are ways to capture the bookings outside your OBT and TMC.  TripLink is a great tool to obtain this information.  Reach out to your Concur rep.  If you already have it, open a case to customize the program to capture the data and reporting.  


Combine and strength your efforts with TripIt and TripIt Pro.  Train and educate your users on the benefits of this app.  The use of this app will also help you in tracking your travelers when their itinerary is sent to their Concur Travel when using this app. 


Use the Concur Travel reports to track repeat offenders and escalate to their manager to curve the use of outside bookings whenever possible.  


In today's world, there are plenty of situations when the company needs to reach out to the traveler to communicate a dangerous situation and flight cancellation.  Your company is responsible for each traveler's safety.  Be proactive.

Maria Steen
Occasional Member - Level 2

Check out TipLink through Travel Incorporated.  Out duty of care tool can provide you traveler tracking for vendors that are booked outside of the management program.  We can also supply TripLink analytics and reporting.

Linwood Hayes
Sr VP - Technology/CIO
Travel Incorporated
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