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Hotel Search Radius

Hi everyone! We are trying to update the Hotel Search Radius and find the optimal radius to set up. We travel a lot so in a perfect scenario we need to have different radiuses for different counties.

E.g. a person from the US travels within his homecountry (US) and search returns results within 5 miles from the search pont.

Later the same US person goes to the UK and search returns results within 3  miles from the search pont.

Can we do it?


Also, I know that travel can search for bigger radius than set by the Company but actually can't make it smaller - changing the numbers in the screen below does not affect the returned results:



Any ideas where I can find official Concur Manul on this?

Thank you!

SAP Concur, Former Employee

Hi @Travelante


Thanks for posting!


Here are two resources that might help you in setting this up. First is from our Development Center, it covers Post Hotel Search and mentioned hotel search radius. The second is our Concur Training site's travel section. This site provides how-tos and tutorials for most of our products. 


Hope this helps!

Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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We had a similar inquiry when we first started. I don't believe this is possible.

Occasional Member - Level 3

Thanks! Yes, Concur configurations are pretty limited at the moment I believe 😞

dear @Travelante, I am not convinced is a question of the application been limited, as the mileage radius are linked to the employees entity, rather than the location to go to, and if for every country where employees go there would be a different settings it will be also difficult to keep those updated and difficult to manage... 

I would use best judgement by putting hotel within a radius of e.g. 6 miles everywhere and employee select what is most convenient within those radius. Within Concur is also possible to put in order by distance from the point where employees wanted to be, e.g by including the full address.  

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari
Routine Member - Level 2

As an expert at making things MORE DIFFICULT than is necessary that's the type of thing we'd want to do. Ha. If you're doing it by location then 5 miles in New York is massive whereas 5 miles in somewhere may not be a big deal. The answer is to set defaults and leave it to the end users. I'm not sure what value you get by pre-setting for various locations when, like, has been said, you can use the mapping and sort by options. Nice idea.

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@Munari_alEXPert wrote:

I would use best judgement by putting hotel within a radius of e.g. 6 miles everywhere and employee select what is most convenient within those radius.

6 miles for the US -  is fair.

6 miles for Europe - is half of a country in some cases 🙂


Last time i checked - if we as a company set up 6 miles radius an employee can't reduce it. Yes, s/he can put a smaller number to the search field but the system will ignore it and will be still performing the search based on the company settings (which would be 6 miles in this case).

Occasional Member - Level 1

For this, you would have to reach out to your company's Concur Administrator to find the issue with your cost center, perhaps also involving finance/accounting. VidMate Voicetap Kolkata ff