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Routine Member - Level 2

Hotel Filter by Rating?

A traveler had remarked that someone can't filter hotels based on the star rating (Concur uses Northstar ratings). I swear I had seen it, but I just checked now and you can't filter dynamically. There's also no setting in the travel config to set a min/max value. 

Maybe it's because most other sites I use, have a filter by rating in them and I'm getting confused.

There are some issues with this as it's not user based but Northstar based. Some hotels have no ratings, etc...

Just wondering if anyone else thinks this could be useful?
Can you think of caveats?
It's a pity that Concur couldn't maintain their own use ratings for hotels. Lord knows they have enough customers and that way, it's "corporate business travel" based (for the most part) and not skewed by vacation travel reviews. Just musing.... 

New Member - Level 1

My clients find it frustrating also. However you can search using the app by star rating which I discovered Today, so it the app can do it; web based surely has to have the capability. Unless the app isn’t pulling from the GDS