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HELP - Need to Fire TMC

Hello - 


We have been stuck with a TMC that has been nothing but trouble for our travelers. Is there any recommendations of a quick and easy TMC we can use temporarily while we shop around for the best fit? We were hoping to hook up for the time-being. However, I am not sure how to go about that.


Any recommendations on a quick switch, how to shop around for our permanent replacement, and what to look for would be highly appreciated.


Thank you much! 

Routine Member - Level 2

You may struggle to find someone if you wish them to take over your Concur processing too as it can be some effort (depending on your setup) to come on in and reconfigure, etc... while knowing you may not select them. Is the risk worth it for them? It certainly shows some good faith but you don't award business based on faith alone. is just a hotel aggregator. They can't handle the air side as best I know. There's also a lot happening with and the GDS' right now. The direct Concur integration is a bit out of date as I understand it. is putting some dev efforts into the GDS' right now.


I'm sure all the other Concur Travel customers can make a plub for their agencies (assuming they are happy) with them. 

Occasional Member - Level 3

Not sure it will be a quick process as you should take your time and go through the RFP process to find the best fit for your company.   You could add a question to the RFP about expected timeframe and maybe even ask if they think they could get it done in X months to help you narrow down your decision.  Just keep in mind that quick does not always mean good.   And why have the possibility of going through two implemenations this year if you did manage to find someone that would step in during the interim but you ended up selecting someone else in the long run.  Plus as mentioned above, I think it would be hard to find a company that would step in knowing they may not be selected for a long term contract.