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Grocery Expenses for Long Term Stays

Does anyone have a grocery limit written into their travel policy for when employees are traveling? We have a lot of employees that like to stay in extended stay hotels and cook their own meals, but we don't have a policy on groceries yet.

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We don't have a policy specific to groceries.  We simply review the receipt for reasonableness (how many days is it covering and what is the average "per day" expense) and compare that to our Travel Meal limit.  After all, if they weren't buying groceries, they would be buying meals in restaurants.  If it's less than the daily Travel Meal limit, it's okay to process.

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For staff staying in an international hotel for more than 21 days that contains cooking facilities they received 65% of their entitled travel allowance for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner from Day 1. Stays of longer than 2-3 months will require an Individual workplace agreement to be signed by the traveller - and this will be dependent on where they are traveling to and the facilities they are facing.

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Is there a way to write an audit rule that will only allow them to expense up to a certain amount per day that includes groceries, breakfast/lunch/dinner, per diem, etc.? If this is possible would it also take into account if they were at a conference or event that provides meals as well?

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