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Ghost Card Charges Flowing to Concur Expense?

We are in the process of implementing Concur Travel and have used Concur Expense for many years.  We have several corporate card feeds set up.  We are exploring the option of allowing users without corporate cards to book their travel and utilize a ghost card.  However, I wanted to find out if this would allow for reporting and approvals in Concur Expense (not the approvals in Travel.)

1.  Can the ghost card charges flow into the traveler's expense page to be reported (similar to a corporate card charge)?  Does the ghost card charges know which user's expense queue to flow into?

2.  Do the ghost card charges appear on the Expense Intelligence accrual reports for those employees who have not reported their ghost card charges yet through expense.

Appreciate any feedback I can get on this!

Community Manager
Community Manager


I can answer part of your question.

1.  Can the ghost card charges flow into the traveler's expense page to be reported (similar to a corporate card charge)?  Does the ghost card charges know which user's expense queue to flow into? Yes. SAP Concur Card Services can help you get this setup correctly. The other term you may hear is a Lodge Account. Anyway, the credit card feed uses the Employee ID to know whose account to upload into. The user submits the expense like any other, but the payment type will default to Company Paid. As far as those charges appearing in Cognos Intelligence on the report you mentioned, that I don't know.


I hope this helps,



Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Obviously you have experience with the cc feeds coming into Expense but those reading your posts they should be aware that not all credit cards are created equal and not all flow into Concur at all or as seamlessly as advertised. BTA/Lodge Cards/CTA (whatever you want to call it) also are different to normal individual cards, so again be warned. Just because the individual card feeds into Concur doesn't mean the CTA/BTA/Lodge card version will! 

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Yes that is a good point - we are trying to automate the BTA/Lodge/Ghost Card account directly into Concur Expense, but have had our challenges. It's different from individual Corporate Credit Card feed. I feel the corporate credit card feed pulls more information into Concur Expense than the BTA/Lodge/Ghost Card account feed and there isn't has much flexibility to improve the information flowing through. 

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Wanted to know how this process ended up for you?  Did you go through the Ghost Card for travel?  I'm in the same situation now and would love to hear your outcomes.




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Hi there, thanks for reaching out. We are in the test phase right now. We received a file from our travel management company and that file flowed through to Concur Expense. Transtions were based on employee ID. Looks exactly like a credit card transaction except that it is from our ghost card. We hope to go live before the end of the year. Feel free to reach out further. 

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We decided to do both air & hotel (Conferma) charges.  We are a year into the implementation process.  Admittedly, the hotel piece has complicated and slowed the roll out.


We are currently in our pilot phase.  A heads up - you will need your TMC, corporate card company and Concur all lined up to do this project.  You will also need to have a way for your TMC to send over the employee ID number for the transactions.


I've been somewhat surprised at how long this has taken to put into place (a year and counting.)  So be sure to have a lot of patience with this roll out process.  But like another user said, the transactions do come in looking like corporate card charges.