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Routine Member - Level 2

Galileo and Offline PNR Importing

Our global TMC claims that offline importing is not working for Galileo PNR's. 

I have read the Agency Partners * GDS Worksheets – Reporting Requirements – Galileo June 19 2017 document and there appear to be some clearly defined procedures.

What I'm looking for is knowledge as to whether this is a Concur issue or our TMC issue.

The TMC claims they have done everything and this is a Concur issue.

Does anyone know whether offline pnr import is successfully working for them from Galileo?

I don't mean "generally either"...I'd like to know that a PNR created today offline is genuinely in the individual's Concur Trip Library.

Routine Member - Level 2

Our TMC still claims Galileo Offline PNR Importing is NOT working.

Does anyone have any proof that offline importing is working w/Galileo?