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E-receipts Pending Card transaction - Payment Type: Company Paid vs Amex



We recently have decided to go with Concur Travel in EMEA. Our US TA team was looking at a video on the E-Receipts portion and in this video we noticed the "Pending card transaction" item that was paid for by Amex Card was manually changed to payment type "Company paid".  Can anyone explain why this was changed and didnt just default to Amex. Is this something our users will have to update for each E-receipt? Go to 8:58 in video to see the portion that raised our question. Our team is trying to understand what impact E-receipts will have on our users. This just added a bit of confusion as we assumed it would default to the credit card (in our case BOA or PNC) so seeing it being modified to "Company Paid" causes confusion. paid" 

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@KevinD Can you answer this?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@pnenes that demo is several years old and not the best example of pending items. If your users are assigned corporate cards and have items that come in as Pending, don't have them add the items to a report. Have them wait for the AMEX transaction to come in. The system will match the AMEX transaction to the e-receipt and apply the AMEX payment type to those items automatically.


Hopefully I've cleared up the confusion. Your users will not be changing e-receipt pending items to Company Paid.

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Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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