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Designed for failure

I just want to go on record that it appears this software has so many convoluted entry points that it is specifically designed for user failure.  It is easier to file for a long form tax return that to get reimbursed though this contractor!!!! I have never once submitted an error free request.  It locks you to a figure and deviation sends up multiple warnings.  Why must you make this process so difficult and narrow?  I officially despise your program.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

@clawsonb I understand the frustration, as I've received some warnings myself over the years. 


Not that this will assuage your despising of the program, but here is how the system works. SAP Concur Request and Expense have certain out of the box features. For example, adding expenses to the travel request and expense report, entering amounts, etc. However, many organizations, such as yours, customize the tool so it will meet their business needs. The most common ways organizations customize the tool is through Audit Rules. These rules are enabled by the organization, not SAP Concur, to ensure employees are creating and submitting expenses that are within company policy. These Audit Rules take a lot of work off of the shoulders of those who review and approve Travel Requests and Expense Reports. The rules automate a lot of the review process and prevent users from violating company policy. So, while it seems burdensome to the end users, it saves a lot of time and work for reviewers and approvers on the back end. These Audit Rules ensure that items do not "slip through the cracks". Imagine if you had 500 end users submitting expense reports and each and every line of the report had to be looked at by a real person to catch things that are out of policy. That would take a lot of time. These Audit Rules can instantaneously review a whole report or single line item to make sure it is within policy. 


Long story short, the warnings, errors and messages you receive are only displayed by the SAP Concur system, they are not created or implemented by the system. Someone at your organization actually created these rules, warnings, errors, messages and activated them. They are not rules that SAP Concur has created, they are specific to your organization. So, while you say it is designed for user failure, I would argue that it is the opposite. These rules ensure your end users are submitting things correctly and according to University policy. Without these rules, errors, messages or warnings, how would end users know what to do to make sure they are in compliance with company policy? If there were no checks and balances, the University would be opening itself up to all kinds of liability. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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