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Contractors in Concur


We are contemplating adding contractors to concur to be reimbursed for travel expense.  How do you set contractors up so they are easily identifiable apart from an employee to the auditors?

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Hi @mvanderby,

For our purposes, we set up an entire group for non-employees so that they were completely separate for reporting. They are under the same policy, but we wanted the option to change the rules for non-employees. For example, we require non-employees to submit receipts with every item. For employees, if they have a corporate credit card and the item is less than a certain amount, no receipt is required.


Travel and Expense System Administrator
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You can ask that the non-employee option in the setup in Concur can be added.  There you can classify the user as a contractor.  If they wind up getting hired on full time, you can reclassify them as an employee.  The only thing is there is a start and end date for the contactor account that you must include.  Sometimes there is no known end date for contractors.  My work around is I actually create a bogus employee id # when creating an account for a contractor and fill out the rest of the fields as a regular employee.  Not as clean, but it works.