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Contractors and Duty of Care

Currently we book and pay for hotels for our contractors and this poses a problem with duty of care.  An employee books all of the rooms in their own name, leaving no record of who and where the contractor is?    Is it best practice to have the contractor pay and us reimburse?  Would love to know how other handle their contractors. 

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Hello MBrown,


Hotailors is the world’s first booking tool dedicated to travel for non-employees. With our award-winning solution, non-employees can plan, book & expense their trips with your company in under 5 mins. Companies gain full visibility and control over spend with real-time data, approval flows and dynamic travel policies.


First of all we work with the freelance part of your workforce, which usually books by themselves, and they are not tracked by the companies in most of the cases in any way - financial, policy-wise, or safety-wise.I would mention 3 major solutions that improve extended workforce safety with our solution:
1) Freelance travelers get access to 24/7 dedicated customer care (chat, email and phone)
2) Travel manager has an overview of all travelers locations
3) We provide destination-related COVID statsAbove that right now we are working on implementing an emergency communication feature for Travel Managers to be able to reach out to travelers who are localized in danger zones.


Hope that helps 🙂 you can find us here in case you need some extra information

Dominika Majcherczyk Rodrigues


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We use the Sponsored Guest feature for non-employees which gives them a temporary Concur profile for booking travel and submitting expenses. It is a great feature for contractors, recruits, etc. 

Travel and Expense System Administrator