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Concur profile name different than passport name

Hello All –
We have employees whose names are different on their passport than their Concur profile. As Travel Admin, we have manually updated their travel profiles with the correct names, however, our HR Feed keeps overriding the changes. Is there a way to prevent the HR Feed from overriding names changes on the travel side?  We have Concur Expense and an HR Feed from ADP.

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@hannahkimball we had similar issue for user profiles, however Concur has the ability to switch off the name update. First time profile creation, it will take name from the feeds and feed wont able to update the name in al subsequent runs. Raise a case with Concur. refer

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Super User

@hannahkimball - We had this issue in the past. However, we sent a mass communication to our employees advising them of the importance of their HR name matching the name on their passport for travel purposes. We went this route as we are a very large global company and rather than turning off the updating of names and having to update any name changes (due to life changes), we decided to have the employees make sure the names matched. Hope that helps!

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HR workday feed need to corrected.   Legal name should match the passport and also have the option to add preferred name.   I go through this a lot.   other problem is if you have an hyphen in the first name, then GDS sync with concur is not happening. 

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Our HR department is who introduce the legal name of the employees in Employee application, and they request the national identity document of the employee where the legal name appears.


We have an interface between the HR application to Concur that updates the data in Concur.