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Concur Travel Outlook/SharePoint Calendar Integration

Hello All,

I am looking for a way to pull my organization's Concur Travel itinerary into an Outlook or SharePoint calendar (Office 365). What options do I have for doing something like this?


Are there any connectors, webhooks, or third-party products that can do this?




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Re: Concur Travel Outlook/SharePoint Calendar Integration

After many attempts talking with our own IT and finally getting the right people on the call from Concur we did get the Calendar Integration working. Because of a lack of documentation our IT and Data Privacy folks weren't comfortable "turning it on" for all employees. They made it so individuals have to subscribe. Our biggest challenge actually has been the Microsoft Outlook invasive event feature solution they released a year or so ago, whereby Outlook is reading your email and creating events if it deems the email has solid info. The net result is that folks (especially annoying for Managers who get concur travel emails from their travelers) that get converted to appointments in their own calendars which is bad. We're telling people to turn off this feature and instead turn to the Concur Calendar integration.


BTW: the concur documentation on calendar integration is poor (at least for us).

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Re: Concur Travel Outlook/SharePoint Calendar Integration



We use exchange and would like too know how you can turn this feature of one of the mangers is geeting his callender full of these invites and we really want to turn it off. Is this done in concur?

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Re: Concur Travel Outlook/SharePoint Calendar Integration

There are a couple of things at play.

1) Concur's own calendar integration (I like this)

2) Outlook's own event calendar feature (I hate this)


We have lots of employees who are blaming their issues on #1 when it's really #2 doing the invasive stuff.


If you can tell if you look at the appointment that is being created as to which one did it. Honestly Concur's is pretty plain jane appointments whereas the Outlook ones tend to be pretty packed with info. The problem with #2 is that (especially if you're a manager and you get notifications of your employee's trips is that all trips will appear in your calendar and not just your own.


The Outlook feature is mentioned here:

But you can google "turn off outlook automatic events". 


We encourage #1 and recommend people turn off #2. If you need advice with #1 let me know and I'll tell your our experiences.