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Concur Request - Trip Change after Start Date

HI Team,


We are using Book to Request option.  I have valid approved booking 

Employee wants to change either start date or end date of travel due to last minute change. 

There is no option for recall, as employee is trying to change on start date of the trip due to last minute cancellation.

Recall option will not be there from start date of the trip.


1. how will employees change the trip to get travel allowance correctly as we have travel allowance in request creation.

2. will extension part help here?

3. Employee came back early, he wants to go for another trip which system will not allow due to existing trip.




Community Manager
Community Manager

@subbunit84 are you asking if the user can change the start and end date of the booking or of the Travel Request?


I'm not sure what you mean by "will extension part help here?".


For your third point, it sounds like you are talking about the system not allowing the traveler to add another travel allowance itinerary because it would overlap with another itinerary, is that correct?


Is it allowable at your company for users to manually enter their itinerary?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Dear Kevin, 


Apologies.  Let me explain it clearly.

Problem 1: 

Concur Request don't allow to recall once trip is approved if start date is today. You can only see recall option if start date is from tomorrow. 

Due to this product limitations - Employee can't prepone/postpone his travel end date in concur request. But booking changes / cancellations are handled offline with TMC. Employees will only do initial booking in concur travel which is integrated with travel request.  We do have travel allowances added as expected expense while submitting travel request (this is mainly to check budget before travel). Since his planned trip got changed so employees can't change the end date of the trip (+ or -) due to which allowance will be wrong. We do have an expense module but we can't change anything in allowance.

Since employees can't recall and change the date which leads to another overlapping issue in request where employees can't make another request during that duration. This is like deadlock situation.


I heard, there is somethign called Concur Request Extension - I  am not whether it can help here.


Issue is mainly with all changes and cancellations where we really got stuck badly. 



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Hi Kevin, Is it possible for you to advice us.