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Concur Drive Implementation

We just recently rolled our Drive to a small test group and have some considerable growing pains.  We have not used GPS tracking for mileage before so this is certainly going to take some time for everyone to get used to.  Below are some of my current pain points.  Does anyone have experience with these issues in Drive and have any advice or solutions?  Thanks!



  • The alternative work around is the suggested day/time parameters being set to track all movement, however this tracks “ALL travel” and then requires review and removal of non-work related travel within the app.
  • The application starts and stops each time that the vehicle stops for a short time period, so stopping into the local coffee shop or stopping for a bathroom break appears as a separate itemized trip within Concur.
  • I spend 15 min deleting the trips that were not valid…..I had to enter my trip home from the airport because drive turned off by itself.    The milage calculated by Drive to the airport 44 miles the trip home entered manual 42.3  same route.
  • Turning it on at the start of the day and leaving it on throughout all visits to the end of the day is inconsistent. It shuts off….is there a setting that if idle (not driving) for a specified period of time it stops tracking?
  • The routes import into concur out of order so if logging a multiple stops on a trip you have to click through to ensure all legs were tracked. Is there a way to sort by date/time.
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Hi, we have had errors on the journeys claimed and according to support it is a bug that randomly uses KMs instead of miles?! No workaround has been offered, we have been told it is being worked on by developer team to correct at some point but that it only affects Android users! Surely with 2.5Bn devices out there that is quite a lot of the customer base. 

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I am wondering if you were able to resolve any of the issues that you experienced during your initial implementation?    We are considering Drive here, and the pains you identified would definitely discourage our employees.   Any advise or lessons learned is appreciated.