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Changing a flight in SAP concur

I looked on the forums about how to change my flight Day/time. but when I get to step 3 where it states select trip Itinerary link , there isnt one. 

Has this process been changed since this post? 

I watched the attached video and where she has the link in the upper part of her reservation I do not have that link.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Metrodetroit Hello there. It is important to note first and foremost that changing your flight in SAP Concur must be enabled by your company. We call this post-ticketing change. In my experience, most of our customers do not turn on this feature and require their employees to contact the travel management company for these changes. 


When you log into SAP Concur, click Travel at the top of the screen. Did you click on the Upcoming Trips tab? This tab should show your upcoming trip and it should be a hyperlink. Is this what you did? On the other hand, you might not see the link because your company hasn't turned on feature to allow you to change your flight in SAP Concur. If I had to take a guess, this is why you cannot change your flight. 


Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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