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Occasional Member - Level 1

Change/Verify Travel Email CC Manager/Approver

Every time I book travel my itinerary email is sent with my old manager CCd on the email. I've looked everywhere on my profile to change this but can't seem to track it down. Can I get some help? 

Frequent Member - Level 1

Have you looked at Travel Arrangers and Expense Delegates? Maybe they need to be deleted from there. Those were my first two ideas after making sure their email is not on your email address verification list. Also, maybe your Travel Management Company has them on file for notifications. There is a setting to notify managers in the travel admin setup, so if your company has that turned on with your TMC but doesn't update the managers, that could be another reason. 

Travel and Expense System Administrator
Occasional Member - Level 3

Hi Jessica,

Also Delete Authorized Approver Imports 750, 760(approvers which are predecessors) can also be looked at by internal CONCUR ADMNs.