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Booking a hotel in another time zone

On our Night Shift we frequently must book our associates into hotel rooms in various time zones.  Our Concur account defaults our user time zone to Central Time, which creates issues when when at 01:00 Central Time we need to book someone into a hotel room in Pacific Time where it is still 23:00 the previous calendar day.  Because we cannot back-date the date of check-in to reflect the calendar day of the hotel's location, we can only create a reservation for check-in on what would be the FOLLOWING business day at the hotel's location.  For example, if I'm in Memphis TN (Central Time) and at at 01:00 my time on a Thursday morning  I need to book an immediate reservation for a hotel room in Fresno, CA (which is still 23:00 Wednesday night Pacific Time), I cannot accurately create a reservation for Wednesday night.  I can only create one for Thursday - the calendar day of my user location.  

Is there a way to modify check-in dates to allow for that needed leeway? Is there a way to set up a default to allow the check-in date option to reflect the time zone of the chosen hotel's time zone instead of the user's time zone?  We have a couple of time-consuming work-arounds to deal with these situations when they happen, but it would arguably be more efficient and aid us in our productivity if we could bypass the numerous other steps necessary (including reaching out the hotels directly and rolling the dice with the technical abilities of the hotel Night Auditor) to reach our goals.

I've spoken with a travel agency rep who uses Concur (among other resources) about this and she told me that Concur "was considering" a way to create a solution, but that was two years ago.  I'm curious if anyone knows of any tricks or progress I am not yet aware of.  Thanks.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@har9020 is this the only issue the time zone is causing for you? If so, what if those booking hotels for others changed their time zone to Hawaii's time zone? That would put their time behind all other employees. 


I've not come across this issue before and I'm trying to come up with a possible solution off the top of my head. 🙂



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Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Handling hotel bookings across different time zones in Concur can be challenging. It's crucial to have flexibility in setting check-in dates based on the hotel's location, not just the user's time zone. It appears that as of two years ago, Concur was considering a solution. It's recommended to check for recent updates or contact Concur support for the latest features or workarounds to streamline the process. running fred