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Booking a flight

One of my team member needs to book a flight on Concur, 

the option is not available, 

how can she do? does she have an option to reactivate? 

thanks in advance, 


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I think more information is needed. Is the team member booking for themselves, or someone else? Do they have access to the booking tool, but are not seeing a particular flight, or do they not see the booking tool at all?


If the traveler is not seeing the booking tool, it is probably because they do not have the travel wizard permission setup in Concur. You would need to have someone with administrative privileges in your system access Administration>Company>Company Admin, then access the User Permissions to assign the correct permissions.


another issue may be that the rule class that assigns travel agency has not been assigned to the traveler profile, or that the the traveler profile has not been completed and saved to the GDS to receive a Par level 2 back into the profile.


Again... more information on what precisely is being experienced would be needed, but these are the most likely scenarios.


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I am having the same issue and I did complete my profile.


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I am trying to book a flight from New Orleans, LA to Orlando Fl

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I need to book a flight not a form

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Please let me know on how to proceed?