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Article on Travel

Has anyone of you have posted or shared an article on Business travel in the current COVID 19 situation to your users that speaks about the guidelines and restrictions etc. for traveling on a business?

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As this is a moving target and things keep changing, we decided to create a Sharepoint Site Page with all the latest information, links to the most useful of sites with COVID-19 info. We already subscribe to Intl SOS so we didn't want to duplicate information, especially time sensitive info. Our job isn't to have all the answers as that's impossible with it changing and so many variables at play (we run a global program). We want to be a resource when people have questions. We won't likely have all the answers at our finger tips but we'll likely have the links. We then send an email to all travelers globally post booking with a link to the page. We also created a "packing" checklist for the travelers so they think about these new concerns around travel. If you message me, I'll send you a pdf of both for an idea if you want.