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Approvers and others getting ICS attachments from CTM

We're having an issue with Concur (or more specifically CTM) that when there is a travel request the emails are getting sent to the person's manager and even our Executive Assistant. I read through a few of the forums that state we can go into Outlook and turn off auto accepts, but this is an Outlook feature that is desired and I don't believe to be the problem. I need to know the setting, or way, to config the Concur portal so that the information on the flight, and even expense for that matter, only gets emailed to the Requestor. The Approver, or any other parties, should not be notified if the travel expense violates the policy we have configured. 

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@Garredmcm Hello.  Thank you for posting your question in the SAP Concur Community.  I have a few questions for you if you could please answer.

1.  Are these Guest bookings or bookings made directly by the Traveler or Travel Arranger?

2.  Can you please private message me a user/login ID of a traveler this is happening to?


Your company has 2 rules set up which have  "Notify Manager" on 2 Flight Class of Service rules if those rules are broken.


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Tricia Whipps
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