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Occasional Member - Level 1

Adding Personal Car

I'm trying to add my car details so i can claim my expenses but when i go to the page to add my car, none of the boxs are available to be edited, so i can't put a claim in as im unable to register my car details

Routine Member - Level 3

Hi Joel,  so in Profile ==> Profile settings ==> personal car ==> what do you see?  do you have an option saying New? 

Occasional Member - Level 1

Yes but when I click that nothing happens, I've tried it on my phone, my tablet, my desktop pc, my laptop and the pc at work. 

The box's are there but I can't write in any of them 

Occasional Member - Level 3

Ola, bom dia.

Creio que a politica da sua empresa nao permite despesas com carro pessoal ou eles nao habilitaram esse procedimento quando migraram para o concur. sugiro ver com a empresa se essa despesa pode, caso seja sim entrar em contato com o suporte concur para que eles habilitem novamente essa despesa.