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A1 Certifcation with Concur interface and reposting

How you handling A1 Certifications processing with business travelers entering varied EU countries?   Do you have a  solution to support travelers for online A1 assessments?

Does your organization have options embedded in Concur that process and  secure A1 certifications? Do you or have a plan to use a customized solution ? If so, can you share the details on how that works? Thank you.. Jeff Rowoth

Jeff Rowoth
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Concur itself has no interface for that, but there are partner products in the market pushing data to SAP ERP and creating the A1 from there.


There are also partner products taking care of travel compliance, where A1 is just a single piece of.


To be very precise, travel registration is not done with A1. On top, you have

- a legal need to register before travelling on country websites in many countries, e.g. CH, FR, similar to ESTA for US

- Visa

- Work permits

- Impact on employee's income tax, even for short visits (SK after 15 days per year, BE after 3 days in certain conditions, ...)

- Impact on corporate tax, even for short visits (90 mandays in Switzerland PER COMPANY trigger taxation, a rented garage in Sweden can be converted to a corporate site after a few days, 10% of your turnover in Austria cause registration for taxation, ...)

- a need for mandatory papers in your pocket, like working contract, invitation and others. Various countries legally asking for that, like FR, IT. France even wants to have translated docs, and a named French person hosting your visit.

- and be prepared for medical documents in the future...


For further details, feel free to reach out to me on other channels.

viele Grüsse/ best regards

Michael Zwickl
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Hi Michael,


I saw your response to this post and was wondering if you would be able to share any partner product names that specialize in A1 certifications? Thank you in advance for your help.