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2 Level Pre Trip Approval

Hi Team,


Can someone help me, can we enable 2 level pre trip approval in Concur Travel. If yes, please explain.

What I mean to say is as "

I mean it goes to one manager for approval and then after that manager approves is go to the next level up for approval.  For example, Supervisor A approves and then it is sent to Manager A (over both Supervisor A and the traveler) for approval.


Please advise.


Thanks & Regards

Gautam Suri

Community Manager
Community Manager

@gsuri here is some information that should help you.


Reference this document:


See screenshot below also.


I did reach out to someone on our Travel Training team that did mention that two approvers for pre-trip approval is not recommended unless you are 100% sure both managers will approve the trip within the 24 hour ticketing time limit. 


I hope this helps. 





Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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