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09/26 US2 Service Issue Caused Orphaned Ticket Reservation - NEED HELP

This morning I selected a flight for an upcoming trip. I selected the seats went to proceed to the next part of my reservation (rental car). When the screen was loading, it experienced an Internal Service error on the concur website. When the site came back up, I had no upcoming trip showing and was not able to continue my reservation. However, upon calling my corporate Travel Desk, they see that reservation exists but has not been ticketed. I can also see the reservation on the airlines website when I login. Speaking with my travel agency help desk, they said they cannot take over the reservation as Concur was responsible for processing payment and having the ticket issued. I would like someone to contact me to see if we can resolve this issue and have my ticket issued prior to it auto-cancelling tomorrow. This service issue that was acknowledged on US2 (that is where my corporate Concur Travel shows connected to) appears to have expanded beyond just searches and also affected the reservation portion/purchase of the system. I would like SAP IT staff to be made aware and to see if they can resolve the issue.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@bmurr just so you know this for future reference, your travel agency is responsible for processing payment, issuing and ticketing. They should not have told you that SAP Concur is responsible. We are not a travel agency, we are just a booking tool. I believe you received some bad information. 



Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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