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Website improvements needed

I am not one who travels much through the company I work for but when I do, we use Concur. Having used it for the first time, I would like to provide some feedback to help improve the site to be more user-friendly. 

First off, I build websites for my job in the travel/tourism industry. So I'm quite familiar with UI/UX and making things user-friendly. I would of submitted this through the Feedback form but conveniently that gave me a nice 'An error occurred while processing your request.' So this is getting posted here. I ask Concur to do with it as they wish in the spirit of constructive feedback.

Two simple requests. One, please add 'hint text' popups over various labels on input fields to provide the user quick help/tips. This is more of a web standard. Example: in Itineraries, a popup over the 'Add Stop' field saying to enter only the Departure/Return flights would greatly help. Two (this one is sort of following up with the first request), adjusting some of the nomenclature. Example, under Itineraries, 'Add Stop' led me to believe I needed to add connecting flights. The reason is because all airlines refer to connections as 'stops'. So i think aligning some field naming with airlines would greatly reduce confusion. Simple things like this helps the user experience. I'm sure a could find much more but this feedback came out of frustration from using the site for the first time. Oh and a working feedback form would certainly help.

Hopefully this feedback finds the appropriate place to help improve the site. Thanks!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Website improvements needed

Thanks for the feedback, @Rmaynes! We have passed it on to the appropriate teams.

Kelly Rigotti
Sr. Director, Digital Marketing
SAP Concur