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Rocketrip or Tripkicks (Has Gamification Worked for You?)

I am looking into adding an employee incentive plugin to SAP oncur and have come across both Rocketrip and Tripkicks. Has anyone used either as an extention to their Concur travel program? What are your likes and dislikes of the tools?

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Re: Rocketrip or Tripkicks (Has Gamification Worked for You?)

I am biased since we are building OK Roger ( and we are ungamifying travel -  so exact opposite.

What I have heard from people who use  gamification platforms is that employees start hacking them to make more money from themselves.

The other consideration is whether you want to build a company culture around incentivizing employees to make good decisions or do you just expect them to make good decisions! I know of corporate leaders who dont want to create that culture (its kinda like would you give candy to your kids for doing homework - there's no right or wrong)


Hope this helps.


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Re: Rocketrip or Tripkicks (Has Gamification Worked for You?)

I'm interested in this feedback as well. We had a few demos with Rocketrip last year. Before moving forward, we were interested in hearing from other companies who have implemented and whether it's working well for them. I'm specifically interested in whether the actual savings were close to the estimates presented in the sales demos (they analyzed our company data and provided estimates for projected savings if we were to use Rocketrip).



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Re: Rocketrip or Tripkicks (Has Gamification Worked for You?)

Likewise, I'm curious too. I guess Rocketrip must be making the "sales rounds" with Concur right now. It has peaked my interest but ...

1) I think it's expensive for what it is

2) I question the ROI too

3) Is it flexible with the configuration so you feel like you can control it so people are not being rewarded for what they'd select anyway

4) How are they to work with when it comes to pushing the envelope with customizations.