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Reason Codes for Airfare Bookings

I am curious what everyones reason codes are when an employee books a flight that is out of policy and has to choose which reason the out of policy booking was for. We currently dont like the ones that we have, so I'm curious if there is a default or if anyone has a helpful suggestion.



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Reason Codes for Airfare Bookings

Hi Kyle,

This is a great topic for discussion! I will be interested to hear what other SAP Concur clients are doing.

The list of reasons is completely configurable which means you can customize it to your exact needs. When you are decided on your new reason codes, be sure to work with your fulfillment travel agency before making any changes. When you update the list, there are two different values. The first is the violation description, which is what shows to the user. For example: declined due to carrier preference. The second is the violation code, which is used on the back end by the travel agency, like XX. The TMC usually has operations around the reasons codes so it is important to involve them in this process so they can coordinate.

Hope this helps!   

Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager
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Re: Reason Codes for Airfare Bookings

Hi Kyle - I'll share.  

Declined - lower fare due to Connections or stops

Declined - lower fare due to Paying to Upgrade to Prem-Econ/Business/First

Declined - lower fare due to Traveling with Client/Other Employee

Declined - lower fare due to Carrier Preference

Preferred higher booking class - Prem Econ/Business (which will be sent to approver to approve booked class)

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Re: Reason Codes for Airfare Bookings

Hi Kyle,

Just to clarify before I answer - are you looking for reasons why travellers did not book with your TMC or did not select the Lowest Practical Fare of day?


Kind regards

Richard Grigg
Assistant Director, Business Services
Australian Bureau of Statistics
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Re: Reason Codes for Airfare Bookings

Hi Richard, we are looking for reasons why our traveler did not select the lowest practical fare that day.

Appreciate your response!

I'm going to Fusion JessicaL
I'm going to Fusion

Re: Reason Codes for Airfare Bookings

Hi Kyle,

We use the below:


-Booking Class



-Fare Rules/Penalties/Restrictions




-Travel with Client/Colleague/VIP

Jessica Lynch
Associate Accountant & Travel Manager
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Re: Reason Codes for Airfare Bookings

Hi Kyle,

We have seen a reason 'I am a Diva' being used. Smiley Happy

But seriously, the most important thing is working with the TMC to configure the rule we call 'apples to apples'. This rule is what the airfare violation will trigger when the 'lowest logical fare' is not selected. The important piece is to define what is a comparable fare (apples to apples Smiley Happy).

I have seen people add a value to lay over/connection times. For example:

Direct Flights ok if next 1-stop flight option price difference is not more than $xxx, and connection is adding no more than XX hrs to the total journey.

Direct Flight: 3 hours in the morning $300

One-Stop Flight: 5 hours, arriving early afternoon $200. 

If you consider average hourly cost of $50, the direct flight is the same price as one-stop (2 hr @ $50 = $100).

It is important to set the parameters of times ie: no more than 3 hours added to journey etc.

Companies get side tracked with ticket cost, and forget cost of productivity of traveler Smiley Happy

Conclusion: I would add a reason called 'lower overall productivity cost between chosen flight and Lowest logical fare'.