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Re: It's 2020. Who's your TMC (Travel Management Company)?

The joy of the TMC or more appropriately the whole travel eco-system.

Having worked at a TMC and now running a CTD operation and working with a global TMC (in 57 countries) I can say that the reporting issues continue no matter what. Even being our own CTD, we still have reporting issues. Using Concur allows you some control and consistency with your offering. If you let the travelers go rogue (and yes, we have some) then you are sacrificing the control to the whims of the traveler. Usually when they go direct they pick an airline they want to fly on. Maybe many times that is OK but there are times when this very biased view will provide inefficient and expensive options (for example: American is not going to tell you about Delta options on, etc...  Concur has tried to stir things up with the TripLink functionality which rubbed some people the wrong way, but to be fair to Concur, I thought it was a bold move. TripLink potentially allows your corporate discounts to be embedded in the airline's system when booking direct and sending the data directly to Concur. Maybe, I'm still a little old fashioned. Albeit not perfect I still see the value in a TMC and a managed program. The travelers should have one solution, one tool and a simple method for booking. They are paid to do whatever they do, not to "be a travel agent" and search multiple sites, etc... keep it simple. The other more modern argument for a managed program surrounds duty of care. 

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I'm going to Fusion

Re: It's 2020. Who's your TMC (Travel Management Company)?

Hi! We use AmexGBT. If you go to Concur Fusion or one of the free Fusion Exchanges, they always have TMCs with booths set up to ask questions. I ended up seeing our old TMC when I went to Fusion Exchange in ATL this year. Awkward.

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Re: It's 2020. Who's your TMC (Travel Management Company)?

Hi @kullmannc


Good question!


Many companies approach the implementation of our solutions differently. As you can see from this thread some handle all travel arrangments in-house as CTDs. It is not mandatory to work with a TMC.


@KevinD Would you have any insights when it comes to using our Travel solutions without a TMC?


I would also be interested in the thoughts of other companies who manage their programs without a TMC. Any additional advice you all could share with Kullmannc on the subject?   



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